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Red Arrows

Red Arrows Update

Latest news (7th June 2010):

The Team has been granted its Public Display Authority (PDA) and will be allowed to perform at events starting from this weekend (12th-13th June). The Royal Air Force Aerobatic’s Team first UK appearance for the 2010 season will be The Queen’s Birthday Flypast in London this Saturday (12 June), followed by a display at the Cosford Air Show in Shropshire on Sunday (13 June).

Red 1, Squadron Leader Ben Murphy, says: “We are delighted that we are able to start our display programme a week earlier than we previously planned. Our revised training schedule went well and we are all looking forward to starting the 2010 season.”

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team - the Red Arrows - has announced a revised schedule for the 2010 display season, following an incident during pre-season training on 23 March 2010.

The season will begin slightly later than planned to allow for training with a new team member, in order to retain the nine aircraft formation needed to perform all elements of the show.

Flight Lieutenant O’Grady takes over the position of Red 6, flying alongside Red 7 to form the Synchro Pair – two aircraft that perform a complex synchronised manoeuvre as part of the aerobatic display.

He replaces Flight Lieutenant Mike Ling, who suffered minor injuries after successfully ejecting from his Hawk aircraft during the incident at HAF Kastelli, Crete. Though expected to make a full recovery, he will be unable to fly with the Team for the 2010 display season.

Due to this extended period of training, the team won’t perform before Wednesday 16 June 2010. The Red Arrows have therefore been withdrawn from the following displays, planned for the start of the season:
Southend – 30 and 31 May
Santa Pod – 31 May
Perth – 6 May
Salthill, Ireland – 7 Jun
Punchestown, Ireland – 7 Jun
Ramsey, Isle of Man – 8 Jun
Douglas, Isle of Man – 8 Jun

Revised Red Arrows Team Pilots for the 2010 season:
Red 1 - Squadron Leader Ben Murphy
Red 2 - Flight Lieutenant Ben Plank
Red 3 - Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Moore
Red 4 - Flight Lieutenant Dave Davies
Red 5 - Flight Lieutenant Zane Sennett
Red 6 - Flight Lieutenant Paul O'Grady replaces Flight Lieutenant Mike Ling
Red 7 - Flight Lieutenant David Montenegro
Red 8 - Squadron Leader Graham Duff
Red 9 - Flight Lieutenant Simon Rea

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Red Arrows website.

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